How Powerful Evolutionary Forces are Transfroming Seven Billion Individual Humans Into a Single Harmonious Social Organism



The mission of The Coalescence website is to utilize the educational and organizational capabilities of the Internet in support of the Coalescence, the great coming together of all humanity now underway, but which is being threatened by social forces led by a roomful of world business, political, and religious leaders who are quite willing to rend the social fabric into tatters in the pursuit of personal wealth and power.

We humans have learned a lot about this planet and how it works. Collectively, down through the ages and piece by piece, we have assembled a deep understanding of this planet’s physical, chemical, biological, and electromagnetic forces. As a result, we are capable of the most dazzling technological achievements. You might even say that we have taken over control of our own evolution. Because we know so much about the planet and how it works, there appears to be nothing we cannot do once we decide to do it. But as impressive as our accomplishments may be, it is troubling to consider what we appear determined not to do, that is, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, and care for the sick, despite the fact that, in our anything-is-possible era, such human suffering is easily assuaged. But with all we have learned about this planet, we have still not figured out how to live on it together in peace and harmony.

Back in the sixties, it was the brilliant futurist R. Buckminster Fuller — whose many inventions included the geodesic dome — who never ceased to remind us that we are all fellow passengers and crewmembers alike aboard Spaceship Earth. His lifelong efforts were devoted toward his dream of seeing “the world work for all humanity,” which is clearly not now the case. We have taken up Fuller’s dream as our mission, and at the core of our strategy for doing so is The Whole Earth Design Project, which he inspired.

The objective of the Whole Earth Design Project is to design, in cyberspace, an ecologically and environmentally sustainable economic system capable of providing every individual on the planet with all of life’s essentials as a template for the transformation of the economic system in the real world. This will become a massive research, design, and engineering project that will require an army of volunteers from around the world. You are invited to participate.

To begin, we have identified ten economic sectors as essential: clean and safe air, water, food, clothing, and shelter, as well as access to communication, information, transportation, health care, and energy. We have also identified the individuals and organizations around the world most knowledgeable and experienced in each of those ten sectors.

We will be organizing ten volunteer workgroups that will concentrate on and specialize in each of those sectors. (When you volunteer, be sure to let us know which sector most interests you.) Proceeding step by step, our first task will be to conduct a “flash” survey of the experts to confirm the feasibility of the project’s objective. That is, do we possess sufficient human and natural resources, along with the appropriate scientific knowledge and technological expertise, to make all of life’s essentials universally available?

We confidently expect that the release of the positive results of that survey – Yes! There’s more than enough for everyone! — will spark an explosion of interest and support that will transform this project into a worldwide movement, with a capital M. If so, we would then proceed through the four planned stages of development as detailed on the WEDP’s website, ending in a detailed vision so convincingly presented as to win universal acceptance, our contribution to the great coming together of all humanity.

At this point you may be wondering whether this is a misguided fantasy that defies common sense, or a plan of action sufficiently credible to warrant widespread publication and consideration? If you are curious about how this turns out, you will want to subscribe to our newsletter. If you would like to participate in some way, please get in touch through our VOLUNTEER form.

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