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That mailing that went out a week ago served its purpose well as a combination focus group and test drive. A few typos were found, and corrected. And a couple of broken links were prepared. Otherwise, everything worked as expected.

So it was successful as a test drive, but a bit disappointing as a focus group. The focus, of course, was the Moneyism article which is planned as the centerpiece when we launch our promotional campaign on Labor Day. Our ultimate objective is to inject this subject into the public dialogue. Your reaction may well foreshadow what we can expect on Labor Day. So if you have read the article, I urge you to let us know what your thinking is on this important subject. If you have not read the article, the link to it is below.

Four weeks to go until Labor Day and a lot to do. The most urgent need now is to develop a plan for Labor Day. Ideas and suggestions are solicited.

Thanks, Walter

Moneyism - The Cancer Ravaging Earth

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